The good folks at 420Intel didn’t want to run this ad, fearing they would get tagged by search engines as “adult content”. While we cannot blame them, it’s a bummer because some of us would love to see the delightful Spalding twins in the bath. Isn’t it great that even trust fund socialites need to clean up after a photo shoot?

For the last few months, we’re been running this ad to find investors for our cloning lab that’s now almost complete. That’s right, our bureaucratic delays are over. And our entire production is fully committed nine months ahead.

The law requires us to talk to prospective shareholders/partners before we can tell you more.

If you have USD$20,000 or more to invest in a cash cow that expects 10-20% per QUARTER as long as you’re in it, contact us.

If you qualify we can give you the details.

Kamino Laboratories is nearing completion of our upgraded facility increasing production from 3,000 sanitary cannabis clones to 10,000 airlock clean babies per month.

For information how to profit from this lab either as an investor or as a grower, use the contact form below. All fields are required.

Yes, investors DO get preferred status when ordering.

For more information on ordering or to reserve your choice of varietals and pre-vegetated adolescents now and according to your harvest schedule, please use the form below to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Click Here to see how you can profit as an investor as well as a grower. See how our investor growers receive priority placing orders.

Also check out our Gallery Page to see Grow videos, results of our superior aesexual botanical reproduction techniques, and stills and videos of our new state-of-the-science facility now under construction.

We look forward to earning your business and investment.