Legal cannabis is the new gold rush.

BILLIONAIRES are being created while we decide our next move.

  • We can help you. Your competition is using us already.

  • Squeeze a few more crops per year into your grow operation.

  • Guarantee a clean pesticide test.

  • Get the best genetics, pesticide and disease free, in a pre-vegged teen.

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The Kamino story:

Shortly after 9-11-01, a discharged but distinguished US Army medic began working with veterans in need of inexpensive and non-addictive natural medicine to treat their physical and psychological issues. A background in both botany and pain management allowed him to assist these courageous veterans to use their preferred treatment -cannabis- by growing babies from cuttings.

Using the scientific method and pre-Columbian South American growing techniques, this veteran was able to develop our proprietary method of growing perfect genetic duplicates. Additional staff and principals have background in finance, laboratory science, and commercial construction.

After a decade of 3,000 plant per month production, in mid-2017 Kamino embarked upon an  expansion plan to 10,000 clones per month and is nearing completion of its post-spaceage airlock-equipped facility. Investors expect massive profits and preferred treatment placing orders.

Kamino is in planing stages for more labs with growers and investors in several states and more than one foreign country. Offerings are only to suitable parties, so contact us for information.